How To Install MongoDB on cPanel server

How To Install MongoDB on cPanel server MongoDB is an open-source document database designed for easy of development and scaling. For more information please visit , You can also download the linux tar file for manual installation as per your customized needs. Today i had a chance to install MongoDB on one of our… Read More »

How to redirect from main site to subfolder

redirect from main site to subfolder If you are trying to redirect from to this requires a special .htaccess config to avoid creating a loop. You can use the following in the .htaccess of the main site. Replace with your own website, and replace newfolder with the name of the folder you… Read More »

Bulletproof Netherlands Maintenance 11/04/2016 – 11/04/2016

As a valued customer, UnderHost is committed to keeping you informed about any changes in network status. Date: 11/04/2016 – 11/04/2016 Start time (CET): 01:15 End time(CET): 01:25 Network impact: Interruption max a few minutes on a few paths INFORMATION: Yesterday afternoon we did see some errors on one of the line-cards in our primary… Read More »

Maintenance CNL1 – Thursday 31th @ 7:00 AM (GMT)

Maintenance CNL1 – Thursday 31th @ 7:00 AM (GMT) Since the beginning of 2016 UnderHost started to upgrade all our infrastructure, some of our servers dated from 2011. We upgraded all our US/Canada based hosting, upgraded resources and hardware on all our VPS/Dedicated line with new locations and added Cloud hosting from OnApp. Now it’s… Read More »

Free SSL How to Install Let’s Encrypt on cPanel

Free SSL How to Install Let’s Encrypt on cPanel – Centos Servers Anyone who has gone through the trouble of setting up a secure website knows what a hassle getting and maintaining a certificate can be. Let’s Encrypt automates away the pain and lets site operators turn on and manage HTTPS with simple commands, Free… Read More »

Hong Kong Servers our new machine in asia just arrived!

Our new Hong Kong Servers UnderHost and his partners has made significant investments in setting up a secure data center with the industry’s best hardware and software infrastructure, which guarantees high standards and efficiency for your hong kong based servers. We connects your Business to Mainland China, via Hong Kong, with the very best quality and… Read More »

WordPress Password Reset, The Easiest Way!

WordPress Password Reset, The Easiest way to reset admin password Did you forget your wordpress admin password? Don’t panic! If you have ever lost or forgot your password to access the WordPress dashboard, it can be very frustrating. Luckily WordPress provides quite a few options for changing or resetting your WordPress password. We realize that there’s plenty… Read More »

How To Install ClamAV cPanel

ClamAV Simply log into WHM, go to the cPanel section and click “Plugins.” Check the box next to “clamavconnector” and click save at the bottom of the page. This will install ClamAV. Update antivirus database: freshclam Scan a directory and print out infected files: clamav -ri /home Scan a directly and remove infected files and… Read More »

install Linux Malware Detect 1.5

How to install Linux Malware Detect Description Linux Malware Detect (LMD) is a malware scanner for Linux released under the GNU GPLv2 license, that is designed around the threats faced in shared hosted environments. It uses threat data from network edge intrusion detection systems to extract malware that is actively being used in attacks and… Read More »